Public Speaking

Public Speaking Training Marc Geraud

effective public speaking

Give inspiring speeches in English

effective presentations

Become a great public speaker: learn how to deliver effective talks and get your audience on board

public speaker

Create a strong connection with your audience

Look at them, make them interact, listen to them. Stop treating them like spectators and learn how to treat them like partners.

Keep your cool and share your passion

You want to get people’s attention and buy-in: learn how to make their hearts sing. And discover a 10-step process to keep your cool in all circumstances.

Use the right narrative to convince your audience

Learn how to use the right mixture of emotions, concepts and facts to increase your chances to get your ideas across. And feel comfortable with any kind of questions, remarks or objections.

While you’re talking to them, people are watching you: use the right body language

Improve your body language with a professional actor. You will learn every trick of the trade concerning posture, gestures and breathing.

Use your voice effectively and practice your English

Learn how to project and modulate your voice. And update your English pronunciation and grammar with a professional English teacher.